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Dream Team App: Fantasia by Zinniia Dream Team App: Fantasia by Zinniia
Application for DreamTeam-OCs 



Name: Serenity "Ren" Rose Logan
Nickname(s): Ren, Princess, Rennie
Age: S1 [2010]: 13. S2 [2016]: 18. [Shown 18 in the visual.]
Birthday: June 7, 1997
Species/Race: Creatonian
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Past/Bio: Ren's father, Josh, is Creatonian. Creatonia is a planet in another dimension. The majority of the population has the power to manifest their imaginations, except for the minority called Myopics. Marie is also from Creatonia but is a Myopic.
When they were 13, Josh and Marie escaped to Earth via a portal Josh's scientist father was building. They left because the two couldn't deal with the hatred both of them were receiving due to Marie being Myopic-- the minority was extremely disliked-- and they ended up in Gotham.
Fast forward and Josh is attending Gotham State University while Marie is in Hollywood filming Hello, Megan!
Josh ends up having Bruce Wayne as a roommate [I had him go to GSU instead of Yale]. 
Josh notices that Bruce disappeared during the night but brushed it off due to the thought of him being a playboy.
One night, Bruce didn't return at his usual time and Josh got worried. He wandered off into Gotham to look for Bruce. Marie had come for a visit and saw Josh leaving the campus, so she followed him into the city and sneak-attacked him. Together they wandered into Gotham and had no luck finding Bruce, but Marie suggested to look in some alleys. Josh agreed, and in one they found a beaten up Batman [please remember he is still starting out]. Marie convinces Josh to heal Bruce with his powers. He was hesitant but did it nonetheless, allowing Batman to know his secret. After he is mostly recovered, Batman makes his escape. Josh returned to the dorm and found Bruce already there, slightly beat up. After going over the day's events in his head, he starts to wonder about the coincidences concerning Bruce's timing and Batman. Over the next few weeks, he started to keep subtle tabs on Batman sightings and Bruce's schedule and became very convinced they were the same person. After a while, he confronted him about it and mentioned that fact that Bruce knew about his powers, which brought the billionaire's guard down slightly. They made a deal to try and get to know and trust one another since they had vital information on both. Over the next few years, they become very close friends, and Bruce convinced Josh to take up the hero mantle of Image.
By this time Marie has joined them in college and she and Josh get together.
A while later, Marie accidentally ends up pregnant with Ren while they are still in college.
Josh and Marie get married. Marie drops out of college while Josh finishes getting his degree.
When Ren is two-and-a-half, and Garfield is three-months-old [I did alter his age], Marie dies in a car crash.
Two months later, Josh is forced to fake his own death and return to Creatonia to protect his kids from the Ost.
He didn't bring them with him due to safety precautions.
Only the League knew. Bruce-- who had been named Ren's godfather-- understood what losing parents could do to someone and thought the kids would be safer with someone they knew rather than in foster care or adoption. So he took them in.
There was also the fact that the League needed to keep an eye on Ren due to her powers needing an intense amount of training to control, which came from Martian Manhunter for mental and Batman for physical. Ren joined the Team when she was 13 and was with Dick, Wally, and Kaldur on the Cadmus mission. 

About Him/Her

Personality: Ren is an expressive and sociable girl. Though, she does like her alone time now and then. She loves to go out and explore the world and doesn't let potential dangerous situations slow her down. Her music and writing are her life, and she needs it to function in her day to day life. Her mind is her greatest strength, both creatively and intellectually. She is incredibly curious and loves to learn and figure out new things about people and the world. Ren is keen on picking up what is bothering other people and will do everything in her power to make sure they feel better. Never ask her what is wrong though because she will respond with "nothing" almost every time. She is intensely prideful and is very particular about how the outside world views her. She is the comforter who refuses to be comforted and is known for being a bit of a "drama queen." All the negative emotions that she has allowed to build up inside of her will be her downfall in the end. 
Occupation: Hero, Student, Later a producer at a record label.
-Music [listening and creating].
-Exploring the world.
-To be up high.
-To know and understand everything that is going on.
-To be with her friends.

-People trying to get her to open up. 
-Be left out of the circle.  
-Being bored. 
-Being ignored.
-The thought of losing control of her mind.

Hobbies: dabbling in artistic things.
Fears: Not being able to fix her loved ones. Failing to get the Ost out of her Dreamscape.
Talents: acoustic guitar, singing, writing/songwriting, martial arts.


Height: S1: 5'3. S2: 5'6.
Skin Tone: Paler mid-tone.
Eye Color: Civvies: Green. Hero: Violet.
Hair Description:
Color: Civvies: Red. Hero: Pink.
Highlights: None.
Length: Slightly below shoulder length.
Style: Thick and wavy.
Worn: Civvies: Down and parted to the right. Hero: In a ponytail with a braid running along the side, and strands loose to frame her face.


Father: Joshua Logan [gone].
Mother: Marie Logan [nee Burns] [deceased].
Siblings: Garfield Logan.
Relatives: Bruce Wayne [non-biological, Godfather, legal guardian].
Best Friends: Dick Grayson, Wally West, Autumn Pines
Friends: Sterling Jones, Elizabeth Villegas [ GothamTaco ], Artemis Crock, Conner Kent, Kaldur, M'gann M'orzz, Zatanna, Barbra Gordon, Tim Drake
Love Interest: Dick Grayson [main]. Sterling Jones [2-year boyfriend].

Hero Information

Code/Hero Name: Fantasia
Place of Origin: Born on Earth, but biologically Creatonian.
Residence: Gotham
Affiliations: The Team [Young Justice], Connections to the Batfamily, Justice League
Mentors: Protege/Daughter of Image. Trained by Martian Manhunter and Batman. 
Allies: The Team, Batfam, and Justice League.
Enemies: The Ost, The Light, Injustice League, the Reach.
Powers and Abilities: -To manifest her imagination.
-Martial Arts. 
Weaknesses: -Using up her mental energy. When she gets too low, she can’t focus. Basically, acts drunk. If she nearly runs out, it can lead to a coma or death.
-Took a long time for her to gain full control of her powers.
-She is still humanoid.  
Weapons: Can use a Swiss Saber when needed.

Extra Information

Quotes: "I'm fine. I am always fine."
Food: Strawberries.
Drink: Mint Tea.
Color: Gold and Pastels.
Animal: White Tiger.
Flower: Poppy.
Season: Early Summer.
Full-Body Fantasia Art was done by Ghost-Lyre [Comm: Fantasia Re-Design]
Image Art was done by Rawwwrchel [YJ Trade: Image/Josh Logan]
Me: Fantasia, Image, the Ost, Creatonia
DC: Young Justice
Full Bio: YJ: Fantasia/Ren Logan Profile
Backstory Part 1:…
Backstory Part 2:…
Season 1 Story:…
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WrittenInTheRoses Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Student Writer
I have to say that I just love her powers! They're so interesting and of course creative (pun sort of intended :3 ) I also love how she has pink hair! It's so pretty and cute. APH Italy Roll Squeal 
Zinniia Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Student Writer
Thank you so much~! :D
WrittenInTheRoses Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Student Writer
You're oh so welcome. ^^
Elvisfonz22 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2016
Fantasia bio is so amazing and so she is :D
Zinniia Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2016  Student Writer
Elvisfonz22 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2016
You're welcome:)
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